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Welcome to Skövde!

Are you thinking about moving to Skövde municipality? If so, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel at home.

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Number of residents



Skövde town, Skultorp, Stöpen, Tidan, Timmersdala, Igelstorp, Lerdala, Ulvåker, Väring and Värsås

Neighboring municipalities

Skara, Götene, Mariestad, Töreboda, Tibro, Hjo, Tidaholm and Falköping

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 26,024

Number of companies


Major industries

Industry 4.0, Games development, IT/Tech


Volvo Powertrain, Coffee Stain Studios, InExchange, Länsförsäkringar Skaraborg, Cejn, Furhoffs, Grahns, Aurobay, Parafon och Paroc, Elos MedTech, Rebl Industries, Bricknode, Aptic, Pieces Interactive, Palindrome Interactive, Stunlock Studios, Skövde municipality, Swedish Armed Forces, Skaraborg’s Hospital, University of Skövde and others


Food Festival, Skadevi Cup, Sweden Game Conference, Sweden Outdoor Festival, Skövde City Week, Ulva Cup, Skövde Basketball Cup, Skövde Film Festival, Funkis Festival, Culture Week, Winter Party, Rainbow Week, Family day at Skövde Cultural Arts Center

Popular places to visit

Billingen, Skövde Cultural Arts Center, Silver Falls, Vallebygden, Skövde Arena, Lillegården and Balthazar

Major sports

Handball, soccer, ice hockey and softball

Living in Skövde

We think it’s really cool that so many people want to be part of Skövde. We’re building between 400 and 800 new homes every year to make sure everyone is able to find their dream home. There are homes of every kind for people considering Skövde. Do you prefer centrally located, new-production homes? Outstanding views from the balcony? Close to nature in the countryside? Or maybe you’d like to be one of our new residents in Skövde Science City?

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Distances from Skövde to a selection of other places

Moving to Skövde

Every year, hundreds of talented people from all over Sweden decide to move to Skövde to work for one of our international companies in tomorrow's industry, games development and IT/Tech, become our next brilliant start-up or study at the University of Skövde. Because Skövde is on the constant lookout for new talent, a warm welcome awaits you. As the regional center in Skaraborg, Skövde occupies a strong position as a growth environment for innovation. And since Skövde also has Sweden’s first cultural arts center, Skaraborg’s biggest range of shopping, a Vasa ski-race center, mountain bike trails by the tens of kilometers, slalom slopes, adventure bathing, high-altitude zip lines and a great deal more just 10 minutes from the town center, it has a lot going for it. And if you need to leave Skövde from time to time, Gothenburg is one hour away by train, and Stockholm two. In Skövde, you’re always close to the rest of the world.

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221021 LIS 032.

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Working in Skövde

Skövde has thousands of exciting jobs to offer in both the private and public sectors. Tomorrow’s industry, i.e. IT/Tech and games development, together with retail and tourism, account for most jobs in Skövde. Skaraborg’s Hospital, the Swedish Armed Forces, the University of Skövde and Skövde municipality are our biggest public sector employers. Being part of Skaraborg – Sweden’s fourth-largest labor market region – we punch above our weight and can offer more than 89,000 jobs within a 50-kilometer commute.


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Skövde is growing by 2.3% more residents every year!

Skövde is Sweden’s second biggest games developer.

Every day

12,300 people

travel here to work

Games town Skövde is known as Sweden’s Motown in the games industry.

Schools in Skövde

You’re naturally wondering if your children will like living in Skövde? We’re very proud of our preschools and schools in Skövde. Do you want your children to spend most of their weekdays outdoors? Doesn’t having farmyard animals as the preschool’s neighbors sound like fun? Wouldn’t you like your children to eat local, seasonal produce? Do studies with an international focus sound exciting, or would you prefer a vocational line with a guaranteed job right after high school? In that case, Skövde is the right place for you. If you’re looking to continue your studies at a higher level, you won’t have to move away from home. Skövde can offer both a vocational college and many exciting programs at the University of Skövde. Learn more about schools in Skövde:

LIS 221116 064.

Things to do in Skövde

Here in Skövde, we regard leisure as something extremely important. We make it easy to select from our broad offering, and there’s something for every interest. You can enjoy local culinary experiences, our rich cultural life, shopping in our friendly town center or shopping malls, and our wide range of action-packed outdoor activities. Skövde has 380 different clubs and associations for people who enjoy active leisure time.

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Contact us

(phone) +46 (0)511-49 80 00

Skövde municipality
Fredsgatan 4
SE-541 83 Skövde, SWEDEN

Kontaktcenter 190821 13 Liggande Foto Mattias Nilsson.

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