Skaraborg enjoys a rich community life, with club activities, culture in all its forms and much more.

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Skaraborg enjoys a rich community life, with club activities, culture in all its forms and much more.

Leisure time in Skaraborg

Maybe you’ve already decided to come to Skaraborg and have even found a job or a home. But what will you do with all the spare time you’ll hopefully have? Naturally, Skaraborg has a great variety of activities, as we have the time to do the things we enjoy.

Curious about Skaraborg? You can find our events calendar here.

Event calendar (in Swedish)
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Outdoor life

Skaraborg is home to Sweden’s first Unesco Geopark – our table rocks. These long plateaus frame our landscape and are characteristic of Skaraborg’s unique nature. Nowhere is far from nature and you’ll find both short promenades and longer hiking trails here and there in Skaraborg. If you prefer cycling, there are many great bike trails in the area. There’s also a biosphere reserve here! 

Because Skaraborg is located between Sweden’s biggest lakes, water forms a great part of the landscape’s character. There are also many small lakes and watercourses throughout Skaraborg. This means there are plenty of activities that involve water. If you’re dreaming of a sailboat or long trips in a kayak, you’ve come to the right place! Skaraborg is home to the well-known, much photographed Djäknesundet Sound with its emerald green water. Skaraborg is also well known among anglers and there are many opportunities for fishing in both still waters and rapids, and fishing enthusiasts come to the waters around Tidaholm from all over Europe.

Skaraborg is located between Lakes Vänern and Vättern. The lakes are connected by the Göta Canal, which runs from Karlsborg, through Töreboda all the way to Sjötorp outside Mariestad. This makes Skaraborg a great place for anyone who loves the water.

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Sports & Exercise

Skaraborg has traditionally enjoyed thriving sports clubs and associations. You can practice almost any sport you like in our region and there are top-level teams in quite a few sports.

There’s everything from cricket and enduro to figure skating and handball. There’s a widespread tradition of youth sports and major tournaments and competitions such as the Skadevi Cup in handball  and soccer and the GIF Cup in soccer. Skaraborg has also succeeded at a high level in several sports on both the women’s and men’s sides, where the most outstanding include the Villa Lidköping where the women’s and men’s bandy teams have both won the Swedish Championship Gold . Handball is also a strong suit in Skaraborg, which has elite teams in both Skövde (IFK Skövde and Skövde HF) and Skara (Skara HF). In volleyball, Floby VK from Falköping has long been strong and it boasts both a volleyball and beach volleyball hall. There are also teams in other sports that have won Swedish Championship Gold , including Softball (Skövde Saints). 

There is also a wide range of more individually oriented sports. Such as There are motor sports (Kinnekulle, Tibro MK, Örnarna Speedway etc.), road cycling and mountain biking, athletics and tennis. There are many dance clubs, horse clubs, shooting clubs and cross-country and downhill skiing to enjoy for those so inclined. And if you’d rather go skydiving, we have that too!

If you’re looking for a particular sport or club, you can contact your municipality or get in touch with us.

The wide range of associations and sports means people who may not belong to the elite or are no longer youths can find their niche in sport, perhaps by playing soccer in the lower series, cycling or running on the table rocks, or why not golf? Hole 10 at the Töreboda golf club is counted among the most beautiful in the country. And do we even need to mention the gyms and padel  courts?

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Are you someone who thinks a really good concert is part of life’s essentials? Skaraborg has a long tradition of attracting the major stars for both really big events and smaller, more exclusive experiences. While Vara Concert Hall and Skövde Kulturhus always have an impressive range of artists and performances to offer, Skaraborg’s smaller towns also invite people to enjoy many other experiences. Most towns have retained a local cinema and there are a number of parks and other venues for public festivities that organize events both large and small. If you appreciate art, several major art tours are arranged every year in the area and there are plenty of cultural clubs and associations to get involved with.

Cultural heritage

People have lived and worked in Skaraborg for thousands of years. The lakes, forests and fertile soil provided great conditions for a good life even in ancient times. Key events and important people who lived here throughout history have all left traces in our time. No wonder Skaraborg has so many museums and historical sites that attract visitors year after year.

There are plenty of cultural heritage sites such as churches, ruins, ancient relics, country mansions and estates to explore. Are you curious about the people who lived here before us? Then there’s no better place to start than our museums!

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Restaurants & Cafés

Have you ever tasted a hälta hälta? Order it the next time you want a quick lunch and you’ll be served a sausage with both mashed potato and fries. Skaraborg offers food experiences for people who appreciate genuine home cooking and for those who like to try new, challenging taste combinations. There are gloriously unique restaurants everywhere in Skaraborg such as Vedens Lustgård, Sill & Dynamit, Vincontoret, Den Lilla Krogen, Mandy’s and Bjertorp. And if you’re in Vara, a cream pastry at Café Nordpolen is a must! Did you know that Falbygdens Ost is one of Sweden’s most beloved cheese producers?

You’ll find your new favorite restaurant in Skaraborg, that little café that is the highlight of your trip and the farm shop you long to return to; so eat, drink and enjoy!

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