Career or leisure time? You don’t have to choose In Skaraborg. Discover the exciting career opportunities the region offers.

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Career or leisure time? You don’t have to choose In Skaraborg. Discover the exciting career opportunities the region offers.

Innovative Skaraborg

Historically, Skaraborg has been characterized by agriculture and industry. The region has flourished thanks to the innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit of our 15 municipalities. The excellent blend of entrepreneurship and major industries has created opportunities for Skaraborg to become really good at many things and even world leader in some industries.


Today, our main strengths are industrial, not only in automotive and furniture manufacturing, but also in green industries. Companies such as Volvo, Ljusgårda, Dafgårds, Metsä and Vedum thrive here. What’s more, our skills and competitiveness are also growing strongly in new areas. Among other things, Skaraborg is an important arena for computer game development. Games that have taken the world by storm like Valheim and Goat Simulator come from here. There are major established studios here as well as great opportunities for recent graduates from the University of Skövde looking to do their thing or work in a start-up.


The logistics sector has begun to see Skaraborg in a whole new light. Thanks to its location, Skaraborg is a great place to serve as a hub for companies operating in national or global arenas. Mio and Jula are two good examples of major companies with headquarters in Skaraborg.

The public sector

There are also plenty of opportunities in the public sector. There are opportunities in every municipality for people who want to work at preschool, school, in healthcare or perhaps in the service industry. Skaraborg also has several hospitals and a university for applicants to consider. The Swedish Armed Forces have a strong history in Skaraborg with well-known regiments in Karlsborg and Skövde, and an Air Force Base on Såtenäs. The Swedish Prison and Probation Service is also expanding its operations in Skaraborg.

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Business in Skaraborg

There are many advantages to starting a business in Skaraborg. Many municipalities are placed highly on the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s ranking on business climate, which can in part be explained by the close collaboration between private and public networks. There are excellent opportunities for young people to get help with their ideas through UF (Ung Företagsamhet) or Drivhuset. And there’s no shortage of ideas among young people – UF in Skaraborg is among the fastest growing units in Sweden. Science Park Skövde has many start-ups and there are great opportunities for support if you’re starting a business, no matter where in Skaraborg you are located. If you already have an established company and are looking for a place to work and meet others, there are office hotels  such as Bahnhof in Skövde and Lidköping, B6 in Falköping and Kronans Kontorshotell in Skara, to mention but a few.

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Commuting in Skaraborg

Working in a municipality other than the one you live in is the rule rather than the exception here in Skaraborg. Their being so close to each other makes it easy to travel between municipalities for work. In the unlikely event of your being unable to find a job or accommodation in the same place, it’s a good idea to see what the neighboring municipalities have to offer. In Skaraborg, we see ourselves as one big networking city!

Check the municipality pages here to find out more about the companies and accommodation available in each municipality.

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