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Welcome to Lidköping, Super Municipality of the Year – Gold in 2022 and Silver 2023!

Maybe you know us as Lidköping next to Lake Vänern, the pottery town, motor town, fika town or bandy town? We like being a place where people can live and grow.

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Number of residents



Lidköping, Vinninga, Järpås, Filsbäck, Örslösa, Saleby and Mellby 

Neighboring municipalities

Götene, Vara, Skara and Grästorp

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 25,575

Number of companies


Major industries

Agriculture, industry, retail, hospitality and green industries


Absolent, Eurofins, Försäkringskassan, SNA Europe (Bacho), Svenska Foder, Fazer bageri, ICA Kvantum Hjertberg, Berry Global, UVA Lidköping, SIS – National Board of Institutional Care, Petainer, Fazer Kvarn – Frebaco, Kinnegrip, Sundlings, Handheld, Lidköping Hospital, Swedish Armed Forces – F7 Såtenäs, Lidköping’s municipality and others

Popular places to visit

Läckö Castle, Rörstrand Museum, market traders, Town Gardens, Lim Square, Sparbanken Lidköping Arena, Spiken’s fishing village, Väner Museum, Eken’s archipelago, Svalnäs beach – Vänern’s Riviera and all of its beaches, Hinden’s reef


Lake Vänern, Kålland’s Island and Eken’s archipelago, the Väner trail, Wreck safari, the UNESCO nomination – the biosphere area in the Lake Väner archipelago with Kinnekulle. Rörstrand, Läckö Castle, New Town Square, café, porcelain, Villa Lidköping, the Porcelain festival, Golden caviar day, Wheelie good Christmas, Art Evening, Winter Party, Power Big Meet

Major sports

Bandy, soccer, tennis, canoeing, trampoline, dance 

Living in Lidköping

Lidköping is a welcoming, sustainable community. Around 40,000 people live here and we aim to be more. Not only are we located on the beautiful Västgöta Plain, we also have a 220-kilometer coast line with magical beaches and thousands of islands.  

Distances from Lidköping to a selection of other places

In Lidköping, history whispers to you. The town was built back in the Middle Ages, and has trading traditions that harken back more than 350 years. To this day, Lidköping and its market square are an important meeting place.

Lidköping was nominated Super Municipality of the Year in 2022 (Gold) and 2023 (Silver) for our great childcare and senior care, excellent economy and labor market, good recreational facilities and a cultural life that just gets better and better.  
All of which we’re very proud!

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Regional center:

  • Lidköping


  • Filsbäck
  • Gillstad
  • Järpås
  • Lovene
  • Mellby
  • Norra Härene
  • Otterstad
  • Saleby
  • Spiken
  • Tun
  • Vinninga
  • Örslösa 

Moving to Lidköping

In Lidköping, you get to choose a home the way you want. A house in a single-home subdivision, a newly built apartment, lakeside rowhouse or a country farmhouse; what’s your preference?

Perhaps it’s time to head back home to Lidköping again and build your dream home for the future.

We’re building new subdivisions, managing cultural heritage sites and everything in between. Right now, we’re investing heavily in Framnäs, an area close to the water. We’re planning an entirely new indoor pool, waterside promenade and housing areas.

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Fika Lena Frick.
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Working in Lidköping

Would you like to work for an established employer in Lidköping or run your own company? There are many job and networking opportunities in companies large and small. But also public sector operations such as Lidköping’s municipality, Skaraborg’s Hospital or the Swedish Armed Forces’ air group. Thus there are many job opportunities for people looking to live in Lidköping.  We create opportunities for both start-ups and new homes.

Lidköping is bubbling with entrepreneurial spirit and there are many exciting companies. No fewer than 4,000 companies are registered in Lidköping. The biggest employers in Lidköping are public sector operations including the Swedish Armed Forces, hospitals and the municipality. But there are also many companies in the green industries, tourism and retail.

Running a business in Lidköping

Lidköping has more than 4,000 established companies, demonstrating how favorable the municipality is for enterprises. A large proportion of the companies operate in industry and wholesale. In all, there are around 170 industrial companies in various sectors with the emphasis on mechanical engineering, plastics and food production. If you’re planning to run a company in Lidköping, we have skilled labor that is willing to master new technologies and developments.

The five biggest industries ranked by size. Biggest first

  1. Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  2. Retail
  3. Real estate
  4. Law, finance, science and technology
  5. Construction

Education in Lidköping

Lidköping is home to Sweden’s third largest high school. What’s more, we’re recognized for the excellent quality of our preschools and elementary schools. But our educational opportunities do not end there. Campus Västra Skaraborg offers education at the elementary, high school, vocational college and university levels.


Lidköping offers you and your children well developed childcare. Most of Lidköping’s preschools are close to nature or the town’s green spaces. There are 30 municipal preschools to choose from. Most of them are close to you no matter where you live. There are also a number of independent preschools in the municipality. 

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Schools, grades 1–9

Elementary schools in Lidköping offer children a creative, stimulating school environment.

There are 19 municipal elementary schools in Lidköping, one special education elementary school and a number of independent elementary schools. Up to grade 6, the schools are spread out across the rural areas and the urban area. For the older children, there are 5 junior high schools in the central areas. Three of these are municipal and two are independent. The independent schools are Broholm School and Raoul Wallenberg.

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High school

De la Gardie High School is Skaraborg’s biggest. It’s size makes it the third biggest in Sweden. Centrally located in Lidköping, it’s a school full of life and possibilities. The school has a broad range of programs and courses. De la Gardie High School offers clean, bright premises and modern technology.

DLG 21 September 2022 QJ0H3520 MS.

Adult education

Campus Västra Skaraborg provides the means to study at different levels; elementary school, high school, local adult education such as special training (Särvux), vocational college or university levels. Students can take courses or complete programs.

Strandroth Campus Allm 03.

Things to do in Lidköping

Lidköping has a wide range of choices for active leisure time.  You can hike through parts of a biosphere hiking trail that is unique in global terms. It runs for 100 kilometers from Läckö Castle to Kinnekulle. Lake Vänern is always nearby if you’re planning to go swimming, paddling, kite surfing or fishing from your boat.

Lidköping has thriving associations for all age groups with everything from choirs and e-sport to soccer and bandy. We’re especially proud of Sparbanken Lidköping Arena, where people can watch a Villa match or a performance round from the Melody Festival.

When you’re in Lidköping, history whispers to you. In the 1650s, the fabulous Läckö Castle was the home of Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie. Experience the town’s history by visiting one of Lidköping’s museums such as the Väner Museum or Rörstrand’s Museum.

In the very heart of the town are the flourishing Town Gardens and the Dina stage. People come here to enjoy music, have fun in the popular playground or take a stroll along the Lidan River. Lidköping’s thriving town center is home to restaurants, charming cafés and stores with that personal touch. In a natural meeting place and a tradition that dates back more than 350 years, market traders continue to thrive next to the Town Hall in New Town Square.

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