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There’s something special about Kinnekulle


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A place more beautiful than anywhere else! Or so Carl von Linnaeus is said to have described the Kinnekulle countryside. And there is indeed something special about the flowering mountain that rises 306 meters above sea level. Ramsons grow wild here in a unique natural environment with rare flowers and plants. Fallow deer roam freely in the open fields. And creativity flourishes here – many artists and craftsmen live and work in Kinnekulle. 

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Number of residents



Götene, Hällekis, Källby and Lundsbrunn

Neighboring municipalities

Lidköping, Mariestad, Skara and Skövde

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 17,213

Number of companies


Major industries

Food production, agriculture, manufacturing and creative industries


Dafgårds, Arla, Semper, Götenehus, Paroc, Nolato Gota and others

Popular places to visit

Kinnekulle, Lundsbrunn’s Golf Club, Munkängarna, Historic limestone quarry, Lasse’s cave, Falkängen handicraft village, Forshem’s Inn, Lundsbrunn resort, Skara-Lundsbrunn railroad and railroad museum, the Rydénska huset and Dafgård’s outlet store.

Living in Götene municipality

Götene municipality runs along 50 km of Lake Vänern’s Eastern shore. We boast Sweden’s most beautiful train journey and two UNESCO sites: Lake Vänern’s archipelago biosphere with Kinnekulle and Platåbergens geopark. Residents enjoy the proximity to larger towns and the open landscape with the beautiful Lake Vänern archipelago as their neighbor. There are preschools, schools grades 1–6 and homes for the elderly in all of the towns. 

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Moving to Götene

Götene municipality consists mainly of a lot of glorious countryside. But we also have four larger towns with different characteristics.


Götene is the municipality’s regional center, and is located in between Lidköping, Mariestad and Skara. It’s home to around 5,000 people. It’s a vibrant little town with a great range of services, bijou stores, a cinema and a good library with a small art gallery.

There are thriving associations, and soccer is an especially big deal in Götene with its two clubs Götene IF and Sils IF. Outside Götene, the Kinnekulle countryside is waiting to greet you with world-class natural habitats and no fewer than 22 nature reserves.  


Here’s where Götene municipality is growing at its fastest. Källby enjoys a lakeside location on Lake Vänern with Kinnekulle’s magnificent landscape right alongside. During the summer, bathing in the lake is but a bike ride away. In the winter, find out how fast your sled is on the slopes at Källby Hallar, or go ice skating in one of the inlets.

The Kinnekulle train leaves from the station in the middle of town, and will take you to Lidköping and Mariestad, Gothenburg or Örebro. Weather permitting, the trip into the center of Lidköping makes a great bike ride.

More often than not, a welcoming aroma of freshly cooked food lingers over the town. Here’s where they make Billy’s famous Pan Pizza, together with stuffed cabbage leaves, meatballs and other good stuff at Dafgårds. 


Welcome to a historic, 19th century spa town. Today, you can still treat yourself to a revitalizing cure at Lundsbrunn Resort & Spa. Relish good food in the restaurant or stroll through the beautiful park near the spa hotel.

Lundsbrunn is a village of entrepreneurs. Together, the many large and small companies make the village a place bubbling with creativity. For example, next to the old railroad is Rydénska huset, known as the house of many heartbeats. Strong women have been running businesses here since the 1920s. Today, it’s a house full of art, music and a gallery, café and pub.

Lundsbrunn is also a place for anyone who enjoys active leisure pastimes. How about a round of golf at one of Sweden’s best golf courses, disc golf Disc golf or a run along the illuminated jogging trail. Maybe cross-country skiing along the old railroad embankment. Or why not a hike along the magical Särbo Trail through the Mariedal ravine, so evocative of elves, goblins and trolls?


Hällekis is an old industrial community with a marina at the foot of Kinnekulle. The many conserved artisans’ cottages in the village create a wonderful atmosphere. The handicraft village and cozy café on Falkängen come to life during the summer season and Christmas holidays, attracting visitors from near and far.

There’s a good range of services, and you can easily get to Lidköping and Mariestad and then on to Gothenburg or Örebro by train from the station in the middle of the village.

The sprawling Kinnekulle is but a stone’s throw from the train station. In early June, if you try hard enough, you’ll detect the aroma of ramsons wafting through the warm, summer-evening air. Kinnekulle offers both relaxing nature experiences and fast-paced leisure activities. Hällekis is the perfect base for people who love mountain biking, hiking and water sports. 

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Working in Götene

Götene municipality is home to a mix of companies large and small. Because there are good job opportunities in various industries, we have a significantly lower unemployment rate than the national average. What’s more, commuting is easy to nearby municipalities and also to Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Food production and manufacturing are the key industries in the municipality. But we also have many entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries. Artists and creative professionals are happy to visit Kinnekulle’s unique countryside.

Watch our video about Götene (in Swedish).

For entrepreneurs

Götene municipality has a long history of successful entrepreneurship. Our strategic location, company networks and available support will provide your company with the right conditions to grow. For many years, we have been at the top of the nation’s 290 municipalities in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise climate ranking. It’s something we’re proud of and determined to keep and continue striving for.

Education in Götene

There are preschools, schools grades 1–6 + after-school centers. The junior high school and private high school in central Götene are sports–oriented and work closely together with the municipality’s business community.

We believe in close collaboration between our schools and working life. We know that it boosts motivation and gives students an understanding of how to put their knowledge to work. In fact, we’re in Sweden’s top 10 for collaboration between schools and businesses.

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Things to do in Götene

Did you know Götene municipality has been nominated as one of Sweden’s best outdoor municipalities several years in a row? To be honest, those of us who live here are not in the least surprised. There’s truly something for everyone who appreciates outdoor life, exercise and fabulous views. Add to this a rich cultural history where medieval churches rub shoulders with modern art and crafts.

There are 150 km of hiking trails in Götene municipality that run through landscapes that will easily take your breath away. For people who like to discover nature from the saddle, Kinnekulle is a real Mecca for mountain biking and horseback riding. And if you prefer motor sport, a visit to Kinnekulle Ring is a must. Golfers can try out Lundsbrunn’s excellent courses or play a round of disc golf in the woods.

No matter where you go in our municipality the lake is nearby, inviting you to enjoy experiences in, on or around the water. There’s something to do all year round at our beautiful Lake Vänern, Sweden’s most magnificent. And if you like fishing, we recommend you try your luck at the historic limestone quarry on Kinnekulle.

Götene also has thriving associations for all age groups. There are cultural associations and sports clubs, pensioner’s associations and boat clubs, and much more. In all, the municipality has around 190 active associations, adult education groups and other organizations. There’s an excellent library with its own art gallery and a cinema. The municipality invests in culture and arranges concerts, lectures, theatrical performances and other events. 

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