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A jewel in the heart of Västergötland next to the River Nossan


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Essunga’s strength is in being one of Sweden’s smallest municipalities! We work transparently across departmental boundaries and in networks with other municipalities. This provides an overall perspective and manageability for employees and residents alike. Changes become visible in a small municipality, providing those of us who work here the satisfaction of seeing the results of our work. There is every opportunity for influence, and our short decision pathways mean quick results. Welcome to Essunga municipality in the very heart of Västra Götaland. The regional center of Nossebro is an hour away from Gothenburg by car and around a half hour from Alingsås, Vårgårda, Trollhättan and Vänersborg.

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Number of residents



Nossebro, Främmestad, Jonslund, Fåglum, Essunga and Bredöl

Neighboring municipalities

Grästorp, Vara in Skaraborg and also Trollhättan, Alingsås, Vårgårda and Herrljunga

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 13,740

Number of companies


Major industries

Industry, agriculture and e-commerce


Dahrén AB, Främmestadverken AB, Ginza, Magnolia and others

Popular places to visit

Nossebro market, Kälströms Gård, Magnolia (market garden), Andra Våningen (retro apartment), Bärebergs Järn & Maskin 

Living in Essunga municipality

Essunga municipality is a genuine agricultural region. Thus many residents work in green industries, while many others work in local industrial companies such as Dahrén AB in Jonslund, Landqvists Mekaniska in Fåglum or Främmestadverken in Främmestad. We’re strategically located in the center of the county and enjoy a favorable business climate. We have small, pleasant schools in several places in the municipality, and extensive childcare.

Essunga municipality is located south of Lake Vänern, a little under one hour northeast of Gothenburg by car. Within a 48-kilometer radius there are around 1.3 million people, six colleges and 12 towns.

Distances from Essunga to a selection of other places


Nossebro, with around 2,000 residents, is the municipality’s regional center with a good range of services. There are several preschools and after-school centers, elementary schools up to grade 9, a health center, pharmacy, assisted living, grocery stores, shoe and clothing stores, an extended-hours library, movie theater, bank, DIY store, paint store and restaurants. There are also Nossebro bathing and camping, pleasantly located by the River Nossan, the Aktiva Stallaholm outdoor gymnasium and the local hiking trials and illuminated tracks. The town is not only well-known for its century-old monthly market, but also for the popular veteran automobile markets and Cruising Saturday, and on these occasions thousands make their way to Nossebro. May 2023 will see the Swedish barbecue finals organized in conjunction with the municipality’s 40th anniversary. Clubs and associations also help attract visitors, especially among e.g. people interested in all things equestrian who come to the Essunga riding association’s riding center and its popular competitions. The municipality invests in the future and new, attractive, centrally located building lots and homes are currently being prepared.  


Jonslund is best known for its major employer Dahrén AB, which has made copper wire for many years. The town is only two kilometers from the E20 with its excellent stretch of road to Gothenburg. The municipality has decided to build a new school for grades 1–5 in the town. The Jonslund outdoor pool and ice hockey rink is right next to the school. For people interested in soccer, the school is also located next to Lunnehov sports fields. Local grocery stores and fruit and produce growers help the town’s residents cut down on travel. 


Bredöl has one of the municipality’s three schools for grades 1–5. Located in beautiful surroundings on the edge of the woods, the school is close to a soccer field and a flooded ice rink in the winter. It’s also home to the popular e-commerce company Magnolia, Europe’s biggest dahlia tuber seller and widely known for its well-attended dahlia exhibition. The town also has a gas station, car repair shop and a sawmill. 

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Främmestad has a major preschool, grocery store and thriving associations centered around the Bergevi sports field with its soccer fields, padel courts, multi-arena, gym, illuminated tracks and hiking trails. What’s more, orienteering is a major sport in the area, and you will often meet competitors in the surrounding forests. If you also like dancing, then this is the place to be, as both Råglanna Park and the Malma Jivers invite you to trip the light fantastic. Främmestad is also home to the popular movie summer camp for children and youths, which attracts many movie enthusiasts every year.

Råglanna Festplats Parkering (4).


Because it used to constitute the regional center before the railroad changed the thrust of history, the town has lent its name to the municipality. The railroad line between Skara and Gothenburg also split Essunga into Essunga railroad community and Essunga Parish. These days, the former is home to Essunga Plant Nursery, which provides garden plants for public and private facilities and is the biggest sapling supplier in the Nordics. Today, the railroad line is closed and is a much-used pedestrian and cycle path between Nossebro and Essunga stations. The area’s stately church towers still take pride of place above the surroundings, home to historical sunken tracks through the Furet Forest with its hiking trail and BBQ area. The town has a restaurant and overnight accommodation at the popular Madam Blå. Schedevi Psykiatri and D-tec are major employers in the town. 

Essunga Kyrka (6) (3).


In Fåglum, not far from the E20, is Ginza, one of Sweden’s best known e-commerce companies where many people can still find bargain LPs, as well as electronic products, toys and domestic and household appliances. Landqvists Mekaniska is a major employer, and the town has a grocery store, preschool and thriving associations. People play both soccer and road trip bingo in the Holmavallen sports area. A big children’s playground and outdoor gym with barbecue facilities is under construction.

Moving to Essunga

The municipality has a variety of housing types in a glorious rural setting. Several local property companies offer well-maintained apartments, and there are opportunities to build your dream home on newly released lots. The proximity to major towns and the expansion of the E20 makes the municipality’s location attractive for anyone looking to establish a business.

Finding a home:

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Working in Essunga

Essunga’s strength is in being one of Sweden’s smallest municipalities! 

We work transparently across departmental boundaries and in networks with other municipalities and companies. This provides an overall perspective for employees and residents alike.

Also, several major industries are investing heavily and expanding, such as Dahrén AB, Främmestadverken and Landqvists Mekaniska. 

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Starting your own business

We make it easy to start and run a company in Essunga municipality! Our ambition is to have great communications with entrepreneurs, and we work to create one of Sweden’s best business climates. Essunga municipality boasts many self-employed, and the place breathes entrepreneurship.

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Education in Essunga

Schools in Essunga

Preschool and educational care

Essunga municipality has five preschools, and there are after-school centers next to the elementary schools. As of the fall semester in the year your child turns three, the municipality offers 15 hours per week free of charge. Once your child begins preschool, you can apply for a place at the after-school center if you are working or studying. While the municipality has no independent preschool, care is available under the auspices of the Solåker educational economic association.

School, grades 1–9 and after-school center

Essunga municipality has three schools for grades 1–5: Bredöl’s, Jonslund’s and Nossebro schools. The municipality has a school for grades 6–9 located in Nossebro regional center. An entirely new school and preschool are scheduled for completion in Jonslund in a few years. All pupils belong to a school unit according to the catchment area they live in. All three schools in the municipality have after-school centers. Children may use after-school centers until the end of the spring semester in which they turn 13.

School kitchens aim to prepare as much food as possible from scratch, putting their guests at the center and serving lunch in pleasant, peaceful settings that convey joy and a sense that school lunch is a time of day to look forward to. Every day there are one or two hot dishes at every school, and a fresh produce buffet with at least five types of salad, hard bread, butter, milk and water. All of the meat served by Essunga municipality is Swedish. Also, more than 40 percent of the food is organic. A major part of the food is locally produced. We make all mashed potato from scratch using genuine, locally produced butter, milk and potatoes.

High school

Essunga municipality offers high school places in neighboring towns where there is a great variety of different programs. Youths from Essunga municipality can apply for high school education through the Gymnasium Skaraborg student admissions office. Regarding high school education, the municipality has collaboration agreements with Utbildning Skaraborg, Kunskapsförbundet Väst (the municipalities of Trollhättan and Vänersborg), Vårgårda municipality and Region Västra Götaland. This means students are counted as first-choice applicants to the national programs available there. Students may apply anywhere in the country for programs not on offer in our collaboration area. This also applies to independent high schools and courses with national recruitment.

Adult education

Adult education in Essunga municipality takes place through Campus Västra Skaraborg at the Learning Center in Nossebro. Students can study here at different levels: elementary school, high school, vocational college, university and Swedish for immigrants. They can take courses or complete programs.

Campus Västra Skaraborg Nossebro.

Things to do in Essunga

Clubs and associations

There is a great variety of associations and clubs that cater for many different sports and cultural interests. Essunga riding association with its major facility in Nossebro is well known for its inclusive activities and well-attended competitions. Other interests covered by clubs and associations include table tennis, shooting, dance, movies, theater, orienteering, soccer, martial arts, scouting, padel, golf and group exercise. 

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