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Table rocks, local cuisine and historic countryside – enjoying life is easy here


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It’s easy to feel at home in Falköping with its table rocks, local food and historic countryside – you’re close to everything and have every opportunity to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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Number of residents



Falköping, Stenstorp, Floby and Kinnarp

Neighboring municipalities

Vara, Skara, Skövde and Tidaholm

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 15,938

Number of companies

Approx 4,200

Major industries

Industry, agriculture and forestry


Kinnarps, Falbygdens Ost, Falköpings Mejeri, AC Floby, Gyllensvaans, PacsOn and others

Popular places to visit

Mösseberg, Falbygdens Osteria, Lake Hornborga crane dance, Löfwings Ateljé & Krog and Åsle Tå

Living in Falköping municipality

It’s easy to feel at home in Falköping – you’re close to everything and have every opportunity for an active lifestyle! There’s a great choice of exercise and leisure areas and sports facilities both in the countryside and in town. Falköping has thriving associations with a wide choice of cultural and sporting activities throughout the municipality. For the cycling enthusiast there are excellent opportunities for both commuting and sports.

Mösseberg is fantastic for all the family! The mountain hosts a zoo, playgrounds, bathing in little Lake Panka, a mountain bike arena, an exercise facility with a variety of jogging tracks, ski trails and ski slopes. Popular, well-attended theme days are arranged in Falköping’s town center. And naturally, we also have a load of gyms, pizzerias and hairdressers, just as you would expect!

Distances from Falköping to a selection of other places

The town of Falköping

The town of Falköping is characterized by its two centers – the town center with the main square and Ranten at the Travel Center. St. Olofsgatan, which is perhaps best known as Main Street, runs between these two centers. Plantis, the garden oasis, is halfway along Main Street. The town boasts charming little stores with personal service and welcoming restaurants and cafés. There’s a great selection of leisure activities with several excellent sports facilities and thriving associations. On the edge of town, just a few kilometers from the center, is the Mösseberg table rock with its beautiful scenery and year-round outdoor activities. The town is home to the municipality’s high school with 12 national programs, including the national sports high school for volleyball. Several major companies such as Parker, Falköpings Mejeri, LEAX Skaraborg and Skola 24 have their businesses in Falköping.

Some of the smaller towns in the municipality


Floby is located about 18 km west of Falköping. It’s home to such major companies as AC Floby and Autokaross Rescue Systems. You can get here easily by train or bus. There’s a preschool and a school for grades 1 through 9. Floby enjoys beautiful surroundings with the Floby nature reserve’s dry-stone wall landscape and Alphems Arboretum with its many unusual trees and shrubs. Floby has a volleyball tradition dating back to the 1960s and it won Swedish Championship gold in 1982 and 1997. The Floby VK men’s team is now in the elite series.


Stenstorp is located about 15 km north of Falköping. The town has a preschool and a school for grades 1 through 9. There are good connections along the western mainline railroad, with only 9 minutes to both Falköping and Skövde. Nobel Prize laureate and inventor Gustaf Dalén was born in Stenstorp. If you’d like to learn more about his inventions and life, visit the excellent Dalén Museum. The Dalénium Science Center is also here with its various experiments and hands-on activities in technology and physical sciences for the family.


Kinnarp/Slutarp is located around 10 km south of Falköping. The town currently has a preschool and a school for grades 1 through 9 (grades 1–6 when the new school organization is introduced). Among other companies, Kinnarps AB can be found here. There’s also a football facility, sports hall and an illuminated jogging trail. The Ätradalsleden cycle trail passes through here, providing an excellent vehicle-free opportunity to commute by bike to Falköping.


Åsarp is located about 20 km south of Falköping. The town has a preschool and a school for grades 1 through 6. Companies such as Fredahl Rydéns and Gunnars Maskiner can be found here. Ekehagen Ancient Village is also located here. Åsarp has an excellent sports facility with a padel court and sports hall. The Ätradalsleden cycle trail passes through here, providing an almost vehicle-free opportunity to commute by bike to Falköping. 

Moving to Falköping

You can live in the country or the town center in Falköping, in either a rented apartment, condo or single-family home. You can build a new home or renovate an old one. There are vacant lots and new rental apartments and condos under construction. No matter how you choose to live, there are excellent municipal services. And if you want to get away from it all, we have one of Sweden’s best railroad junctions with connections to Gothenburg, Stockholm and Jönköping among other destinations. Falköping is your dream location! 

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Working in Falköping

Falköping’s entrepreneurs are driven and committed. The municipality and business community work together to promote successful businesses. Falköping has a wide range of trade and industry. There are more than 4,200 companies active in the municipality split across many industries.

There are well-known brands such as Automotive Components Floby, LEAX Skaraborg, Parker Hannifin, Gyllensvaans Möbler, Skola 24 and Kinnarps in the automotive, IT and manufacturing industries. Falköping is also home to Skaraborg Logistic Center, which is the Gothenburg region’s best logistics hub with connections to the west and south mainline railroads and a direct link to the Port of Gothenburg. The combi terminal is a logistical link offering efficient, sustainable haulage between the regional business community and the rest of the world.

In recent years, the number of companies with a base in the rural area has increased, mainly in the food and hospitality industries.Companies such as Löfwings Ateljé & Krog, Kdesign and Påverås Ost are based here. There are also many service companies. There are around 300 different occupations in Falköping’s municipality and all of them are equally important for our prosperity. The municipality offers great opportunities for development and an excellent working climate with committed colleagues. There are many opportunities to change positions or the focus of your career.

Own company?

Want to start your own business or already have one? In Falköping, you can ask our New Entrepreneur Center for help and advice. The center mainly dispenses free personal advice for new entrepreneurs, but it’s also aimed at people thinking of developing an existing business further. In addition to know-how, good advice and help with creating a business plan and networks, the center offers a mentoring program, a start-your-own-business course and a bookkeeping course. Please don’t hesitate to contact the New Entrepreneur Center if you have any questions.

New Entrepreneur Center Falköping (in Swedish)

Education in Falköping


Preschool is available throughout the municipality, in both municipal and independent businesses. There’s also night and weekend care and an open preschool.

The goal is for all children in Falköping to experience comparable preschools where they are treated positively. Teachers and principals work on the basis of a child’s right to a language and enduring relationships. Greater attention is also paid to planning preschools based on the belief that all children can be heard, and should be listened to. We also offer activities adapted for children with disabilities.

School, grades 1–9

The elementary school organization in the municipality comprises many school units. The school units are organized into grades 1–6, 1–9 or 7–9. The field of activity also includes adapted elementary school and two special education teaching groups. After-school centers are offered at all schools for grades 1–6 and grades 1–9. There are two independent elementary schools with associated after-school centers in the municipality.

The government has decided on a new school system. This is being implemented and the school organization is under constant development.

High school

The Ålleberg High School offers 12 national programs (5 college prep and 7 pre-vocational), introduction programs and a special education high school.

The school is a national sports high school (RIG) for volleyball and it’s NIU-certified for soccer for students wishing to combine their studies with high-level sports. The Ålleberg High School is renowned for its great atmosphere and the excellent well-being of staff and students alike; it’s indeed “a place to long for”.

School of the arts

The School of the arts in Falköping is aimed at all of the municipality’s residents, with children and young people forming the priority group. The school offers a qualified, broad education by well-trained educators and plays a stimulating part in the upbringing of many children and young people. The school teaches musical instruments, singing, dancing, art & form, drama and musical production.

Falköping Learning Center – Adult education

Students, the business community and public sector meet here to find and acquire the skills in demand. It’s a hub for meeting the local market’s need for skills enhancement, for both the private and public sector. The ambition is to have a range of education and initiatives that match the needs of residents and labor market demand.

The Learning Center organizes elementary and high school adult education, vocational training at high school level, Swedish for immigrants and tertiary education at different levels. It collaborates with other municipalities and education providers in order to offer supplementary training courses. Students can also train to become goldsmiths in Falköping as the town has a long tradition in the goldsmithing industry. 

Ållebergsgymnasiet Sid 12.

Things to do in Falköping

Beautiful nature and exciting tourist destinations

Feel the authentic small town charm, discover Falköping’s narrow winding roads, charming cafés with home-baked goods and restaurants serving local produce; pleasant stores, spectacular homes, the table rocks, beautiful hiking trails and its exciting history.

Lake Hornborga is located in fantastic countryside with a cultural landscape that is beautiful to visit all year round. The lake is one of Europe’s most important for bird life, and in the spring the magic of nature offers the spectacle of the many thousands of cranes that come to gather here.

The spring also brings the Easter ‘Konstrundan’ art exhibition, while the fall offers ‘Konstnatten’, two colorful and eventful weekends in Falbygden with open studios and pop-up exhibition sites, good coffee and excellent food.

Experience our history by taking the pilgrim’s way from Falköping to Varnhem, via Gudhem’s ruined monastery, Ekornavallen and Lake Hornborga. Visit the open-air museum Ekehagen Ancient Village and learn more about the stone, bronze and iron ages. Take a look at the cabins on Åsle Tå where people lived in the 18th and 19th centuries. Falbygden has no less than 2/3 of all of Sweden’s known chambered barrows (stone age grave mounds), of which one is Sweden’s largest.

There’s also a lot to do for all the family. Why not take a look at the horses, pigs and rabbits in the zoo or play disc golf on Mösseberg. Try out experiments and watch science shows at the Dalénium Science Center, or challenge the family to a pentathlon or play footgolf at Wrågården.

Local food and pleasant shopping

Falköping has several charming little farm shops where you can browse among beautiful knickknacks, exciting art and local delicacies. Every summer Saturday, the Malta Johanna Market, a local food market on the main square in Falköping, is arranged and sells everything from sourdough bread to organic vegetables.

You can find around 150 different kinds of cheeses and other delicacies in the shop at Falbygdens Osteria, and a delicious cheese buffet in the restaurant. In the town center, the streets and squares are lined with charming little shops, restaurants and cafés with friendly, personal service.


Falköping also has thriving associations with a wide choice of cultural and sporting activities throughout the municipality. Typical examples include soccer, wrestling, motor sport, dancing, weightlifting, floorball, tennis, ice hockey and volleyball. There are well-known teams and clubs such as FAIK skis, Floby Volleyball Club, Blue Riders, Falköping’s Motor Club and Art Dance. There’s also Falköping’s golf club, a 27-hole facility dating back to 1965. Both Falbygden’s Flying Club and Ålleberg focus on gliding. For lovers of theater, music and exhibitions, Falköping has a large selection to choose from.

There are loads of activities and beautiful countryside in Mösseberg’s outdoor recreation area. There’s a zoo, playgrounds, disc golf course, lake bathing, a mountain bike arena, a beach volleyball court, exercise facility with a variety of jogging tracks, ski trails and ski slopes.

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