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Tibro is a municipality characterized by its commitment, care, drive and proximity to every essential for day-to-day life. In Tibro, preschools, schools, other important public services and organized sports and leisure activities are all nearby. Nature abounds, with the River Tidan, Lake Örlen and the beautiful Rankås plateau with its attractive hiking areas, hiking trails and jogging tracks right around the corner. And we’re never far from each other here. Those of us who live and work in Tibro are committed to ensuring a good personal approach, and we believe in the power of achieving good things together. 

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Number of residents



Tibro, Fagersanna-Ransberg, Hönsa and Hörnebo

Neighboring municipalities

Skövde, Hjo, Karlsborg and Töreboda

Price per square meter (single family/town house)

SEK 17,083

Number of companies


Major industries

Furniture and furnishings; logistics and manufacturing


Mio, LGT Logistics, SA Möbler, Lundbergs möbler, PaperShell, Smea, Graphic Packaging, Ljusgårda and others

Popular places to visit

Lake Örlen, Mini-Zoo, Rankås recreation area


Collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, furniture and interior design, wide range of sports with prominent athletes, social commitment

Living in Tibro

Distances from Tibro to a selection of other places

Most things are close at hand in Tibro. Stores and other public services are concentrated in the town center, and work and education are never far away. You can reach Skövde, Hjo and Karlsborg in 20 minutes and Skara, Tidaholm, Töreboda and Mariestad within 45 minutes. Also, Tibro’s location and its excellent bus and train connections means it’s easy to make longer business trips or enjoy a wider range of shops, events, cultural and leisure activities. Stockholm is just over two hours away and Gothenburg is just over one hour by train from nearby Skövde.

Six out of ten Tibro residents live in single-family homes and the residential buildings consist mostly of villas and small apartment buildings in a garden town setting. In Tibro you can find a really good home for an affordable price. House prices are at a good level, fees for municipal services, electricity, water and sewage are relatively low and we have among Sweden’s cheapest and best drinking water!

Tibro is a place with unusually thriving associations, and the municipality actively invests in initiatives for children and young people. Residents can practice sports at both elite and hobby levels, and there is a nice, well-equipped town library, a school of the arts, a youth center, a small indoor pool, many sports facilities and plenty of beautiful areas and trails for roaming, hiking and jogging. Most of it within walking or cycling distance!

In Tibro, it’s easy to take part and be heard. We believe in dialog and cooperation. By joining forces we create well-being and quality of life – and the best conditions for our children and young people to grow up. Our commitment, care, cooperation, energy and drive help us create added value together. 

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Moving to Tibro


The regional center Tibro is a pronounced villa community with about 8,700 inhabitants. The townscape consists mainly of single-family homes and small apartment buildings in a garden town environment. Tibro has a well-appointed town center with grocery stores and other shopping, cafés and eateries, health centers, dental care, a pharmacy and other public services with the leafy city park and nature along the River Tidan within easy walking distance.

The emergence of modern Tibro was strongly influenced by the growth of furniture and interior design companies. Housing and furniture workshops emerged along the railroad at the end of the 19th century, and as furniture production expanded during the 20th century, the small business spirit so characteristic of today’s Tibro, blossomed and flourished. Today, Tibro is growing southward, toward Hörnebo.

Tibro is conveniently located close to the neighboring towns of Skövde, Karlsborg and Hjo, making it easy to commute to or from the town.


Hörnebo, located south of downtown Tibro, was a separate town with around 600 residents until 1975. In the middle of the 19th century, Hörnebo was the biggest town in the southern part of Tibro and it was here that the first cabinetmakers in the Tibro district set up shop.

Hörnebo’s built-up area extends from Kyrkefalla Church to the River Tidan. Today, it’s considered part of Tibro’s urban area, and Tibro municipality is making conscious efforts to connect Tibro and Hörnebo through the construction of several new subdivisions and the new Baggebo school for grades 1–6.


The town of Fagersanna and the old church village of Ransberg are beautifully located on the shore of Lake Örlen, about 10 kilometers from Tibro. The area is home to around 700 people. In recent years, a number of lakefront subdivisions have been built here, and the two towns have begun to merge.

A new sports hall and a new school for grades to 1–6 is being built in Ransberg and will open in 2024. Fagersanna is home to the Gläntan preschool, a 24-hour unmanned convenience store, the Fagervi sports field, tennis courts and a newly revamped jogging track. The Örlen area, which Fagersanna-Ransberg forms a natural part of, is also a popular summer tourist destination. There are several areas with summer cottages, a popular campsite, bathing areas and boat ramps. The area is characterized by the rolling forest landscape and the little farmsteads surrounding the lake.


Hönsa is a little rural village with fewer than 100 residents located around 7 kilometers north of Tibro and a stone's throw from Highway 201. The Hönsa landscape is slightly hilly with small clearings in the otherwise dense greenery. The town’s buildings are clustered around the River Tidan’s most striking waterfall, where there is a small hydroelectric plant. Most of the homes in the area were built between 1900 and the 1960s. The old road to Mariestad runs through the village via a bridge over Tidan.

Hönsa is a time-honored place. It used to be a thriving community with a school, local store, gas station, a mill and a sawmill. Helge from Hönsa was a legendary merchant, who ran the local store and its gas pump. 

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Working in Tibro

With the furniture and wood industries in its DNA, Tibro has developed into a robust and viable entrepreneurial town. There are many companies involved in furniture and furnishings, big specialized logistics companies, retail and service companies, and a burgeoning manufacturing industry with a focus on innovation and technology.

Among the well-known companies in Tibro are MIO, LGT Logistics, SA Möbler, Lundbergs Möbler, Smea, Graphic Packaging and Ljusgårda.

Furniture and logistics

Furniture, interior design and logistics have long been at the heart of commerce in Tibro. Most of Sweden’s furniture is warehoused and hauled from here. The manufacture of furniture and furnishings in Tibro is still a big deal today, and today there are around 40 companies in the industry, ranging from small carpentry shops and craftsmen to major factories. There’s a wide range of different occupations – product developers, designers project managers, salespeople, communicators and production personnel. Handicrafts, specialist knowledge and production on an industrial scale live side by side, contributing to each other’s success.

Manufacturing and innovation

Right now in Tibro, there are growing companies in innovation, automation and technology. We make LED lighting, special machines and robot cells for industry here. We develop new innovative materials and grow lettuce in huge indoor installations. And because all this technical equipment is top class, companies will need technically skilled personnel in the future.

SA Möbler.
SA möbler

Mio’s headquarters

MIO is an important employer in Tibro; it has its head office here with more than 200 employees. It includes a marketing department with photographers, project managers, graphic designers, salespeople, buyers and much more. MIO’s warehousing is constantly growing and the company has a large logistics department.

Tibro municipality, Tibro’s biggest employer

Tibro municipality, with its 1,100 employees, is the municipality’s biggest employer. And of course, you could also work in healthcare, social care or at one of our preschools or schools. And the municipality also has interesting work in urban planning, property management, HR, communication, finance, project management, culture and leisure, and more.

Mio Lager.

Education in Tibro

Safety, joy and learning. These are the watchwords at Tibro municipality’s schools and preschools. An overarching goal is the creation of safe, inspiring environments to grow in.


Tibro has nine preschools, including an independent preschool with a Christian profile. The majority of the preschools are centrally located in Tibro, making them easy to reach by bike or car. One of the preschools, Gläntan, is located in Fagersanna. Because Tibro is growing, there are well advanced plans for another preschool in the regional center.

Tibro’s preschools

Tibro’s preschools focus on the joy of discovery, community and play. The goal is to give children opportunities to develop through play, creating and exploring on their own and with others. We consciously encourage their language development. Images and characters are used as additional support for the spoken language.

Schools, grades 1–9 + after-school center

Tibro has three schools for grades 1–6, Baggebo School, Häggetorp School and Ransberg School, and Nybo School for grades 7–9, which will move to new premises and change its name to Fågelvik School in the fall of 2023. The municipality’s special-education elementary school is Baggebo School.

Tibro’s schools, grades 1–9

In Tibro’s grade and middle schools, the focus of all work is on promoting the pupil’s development and lust for learning. For many years, the municipality has invested in providing all pupils with access to tablets and digital teaching materials and developing teaching methods in a way that allows as many pupils as possible to leave grade schools and middle schools with passing grades. We work pro-actively to foster a sense of security in a calm study environment.

In grade 1–6 schools there are municipal after-school centers for pupils between six and thirteen years of age who need care if their parents are working or studying.

Tibro municipality is currently making a major investment in new, modern school premises.

  • Baggebo School, which was nominated Building of the Year 2021, opened in the fall of 2020. The school has an unconventional design with classrooms centered around a lightwell. The building is surrounded by an exciting schoolyard landscape aimed at encouraging students to get active and do fun things together.
  • In Ransberg, a new rural school is being built on two levels, with classrooms and open common spaces. Both the design and location of the school were chosen to blend in with the beautiful surrounding landscape and to exploit the nearby forest as a play and teaching environment.
  • Fågelvik School will be the municipality’s middle school from the fall of 2023. A new educational and activity center with a youth center, school of the arts, library and sports facilities will be built here to promote youth education and create new means for active and inspiring leisure time for the young people of Tibro.
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High school and adult education

In August, the new Olins High School opened in Tibro. When fully built, the school will have a total of 240 students and offer a wide range of high school and vocational programs and a unique sports-oriented program, characterized by Tibro’s thriving associations. Tibro’s youth may also freely apply to all of the high schools in Skövde and other Skaraborg municipalities.

Tibro purchases all adult education from Skövde municipality. Skövde offers both middle school and high school programs, SFI and vocational education.

If you aim to work in the furniture and interior design industry, there are a number of exciting vocational high school programs to apply to in Tibro.

Tibro Handicrafts Academy is one of Sweden’s leading schools in furniture and interior handicraft. It offers handicraft-oriented programs and an education for people seeking to become project managers in the furniture and interior design industry. Tibro Wood Technology Center (TTC) runs vocational programs for specialist carpenters, CNC operators and surface treaters, and a vocational college program in production technology.

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Things to do in Tibro

Tibro is the ideal place for anyone looking for active leisure time. There are a number of beautiful environments close to nature for outdoor activities, wellness, exercise and sports. Tibro has thriving associations that offer a wide range of leisure activities with many different things to do ranging from sports to culture.

Sports and outdoor activities

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Rankås outdoor recreation area

Just a few kilometers from the town center is Rankås – an area that is absolutely fantastic all year round! Rankås attracts people to participate in its many different sports, exercise and wellness activities. There are running tracks, bike trails, MTB trails, a pump track, hiking trails, nature trails, outdoor gym, windbreaks and cross-country skiing trails. Quiz walks are arranged during the spring and fall. There are also locker rooms with saunas and showers.

Digital maps

visittibro.se (in Swedish) for more information about all of our cycling and hiking trails, and digital maps that are easy to use on a smartphone.

The Örlen area

Just outside Tibro is little Lake Örlen, where you can fish, paddle, water ski or just hang out on the beach. It’s the place for the hottest months of the year. There are three outdoor bathing areas, namely Örlenbadet, Campingbadet and Fagersannabadet. If you want to take your dog swimming, there’s a separate bathing area for dogs at the Campsite bathing area.

Prästberget is a hill located next to Örlenbadet bathing area and is an incredibly beautiful place. We recommend a spring visit in April or May when there are dense carpets of blue anemones, cowslips and lilies-of-the-valley in bloom.

Gyms & outdoor gyms

If you want to work out at a gym, STC is one of Sweden’s biggest chains with a broad program in the form of group exercise, specialty machines and equipment. Their newly built facility opened in the fall of 2022.

There is also a small gym with manual equipment in the sports hall.

There are excellent outdoor gyms by the track & trail center at the Rankås outdoor recreation area and along the Fågelvik trail.


Surely you’ve heard about the padel fad? Tibro has five padel courts where you can play indoors or out. It’s easy to book sessions online.

Action park

Try a kickbike, BMX or skateboard in Tibro’s action park. Open round-the-clock and completely free to use. In 2023, the action park will gain the addition of a brand new, super cool pump track.


Tibro is a sports town that’s out of the ordinary. People here can practice sports at the hobby and elite levels of most sports. There are several soccer clubs, two handball clubs, Tibro motor club which has enduro, motocross and speedway on the program, a rapidly growing floorball club, the figure skating club Tibro KK which over many years has fostered some of Sweden's best figure skaters, the ice hockey club Tibro IK, a busily active canoeing club that offers dragon boat and kayak training; Tibro riding association, which has competition horse riders and students in its stable, and associations for badminton, archery, tennis, bowling, field & track and orienteering.

It’s never far to sports facilities in Tibro. There are several sports halls and sports grounds, an indoor ice rink, motor stadium, riding hall, a small indoor pool and a well-used local sports field.

Frisbee golf and beach-sport courts

The Ånaplan green space is home to the Tibro Frisbee golf course with 18 holes, an activity for the whole family. Everything you need can be borrowed outside the Inredia store and best of all, it’s completely free of charge.

There’s also a beach area for handball and soccer at Ånaplan. There are also four beach volleyball courts with excellent surfaces in the municipality; two are located by the Equmenia Church in Tibro, and two next to Tibro’s biggest bathing area at Lake Örlen.


Glide silently over the water on the River Tidan or take a trip on Lake Örlen. If you’re looking for a really awesome canoe trip, paddle from Örlen to Viken via the little Örlan canal. Rent a canoe at Örlenbadet or through Tibro canoe club.


Find challenges and new friends in the Scouts, no matter where you live or how old you are. Experience adventures in nature, discover new ways to solve problems or just have fun together while exploring the world. The Scouts in Tibro are run by the Equmenia Church.



The cultural scene in Tibro is aimed at all ages. The municipality organizes story times, concerts, art exhibitions, visiting authors and lectures in close collaboration with schools, associations and study groups. Also, concerts and other cultural events are held in Tibro’s churches. There are several thriving choirs and a popular dance school, Daniela’s.

Tibro School of the Arts

Tibro School of the Arts is a place for children and young people who want to develop their creative talents. The school teaches a variety of musical instruments and song as well as courses in musical games, writing, moving images, theater & musical, dance and computer game music.

Movie theater

The Tibro Film and Theater association shows current motion pictures at the Salong Vintergatan movie theater. For current offerings and screenings visit vintergatan.nu

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Take the whole family along to Tibro Mini-Zoo – the little zoo where you can get right up close to the animals. You can get acquainted with goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and ducks all year round. And best of all, it’s completely free.


Enjoy climbing, the swings or the slide. Tibro has several cool playgrounds where the kids can play and burn off all that energy. We recommend Hörneboparken and the playground in Stadsparken.


A classic people’s park! It’s where you can jive to dance bands playing live on stage all year round, take a course in jiving or enjoy concerts.

Visit Tibro

Visit Tibro is the municipality’s digital guide for both visitors and Tibro residents. It has all the information you need about exciting and interesting places to visit and activities, events, shopping, cafés, restaurants and accommodation. There’s also a municipal event calendar.

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