Emma’s studies brought her to Skaraborg


Emma Korjonen grew up in Varberg but today she lives in Lidköping here in Skaraborg. You might say what brought her here is a bit of a coincidence.

Emma studied economics at home in Varberg, and when it was time to continue her studies at university, she chose business administration at the University of Skövde. The University of Skövde provided the opportunity to study the first two years in Varberg, and then the final year on campus in Skövde, which suited Emma perfectly. She also completed an exchange semester at Rockford University in America.

Once she was back in Skövde again, she heard about a position in Lidköping that she felt she just had to apply for. For many years, Lidköping had collaborated with Rockford, the city in the USA where Emma had studied, and the position of program manager for the collaboration had just opened up.

She got the job and so moved to Lidköping to start work.

We met Emma in Lidköping one sunny day in April and took the opportunity to talk to her about her journey here. She describes Lidköping as an agreeable city that’s close to everything, and she says that as far as Skaraborg is concerned, she loves how its municipalities offer variation in nature. 

We have water, mountains, nature adventures and agriculture, and everything feels like home here,” she says, describing Skaraborg.

Emma says that the best part of making her journey and moving out of her hometown was getting to know so many new people, and also getting to know herself in a different way by facing challenges and doing something new.

Today, she works in the community and business sector at Lidköping’s municipality. She’s very happy with her job and says that Lidköping’s municipality has offered her several career development opportunities and has encouraged her to develop in her professional role. She highly recommends Lidköping’s municipality for anyone looking to work in the public sector.