World-class visual effects at Dupp Film in Karlsborg


At Dupp Film in Karlsborg, no two days are ever the same. The company creates visual effects for films, and assignments vary from commercials to feature films.  

When Lovisa Selin was studying, she assumed she would find a job in a big city, such as Gothenburg, Stockholm or abroad. But that’s not how things turned out. Instead, her dream job was in Karlsborg with DUPP Film. She works in a team of 16 people creating and enhancing visual effects in all types of film.

- “Working with people from so many different places is cool! Most of us are from Sweden, but we have a colleague from Belgium. Workwise, there are no disadvantages to being in a smaller city, since almost all of our customer contacts are digital,” says Lovisa.  


Lovisa Selin and Isidor Swande


Coworkers at DUPP Film who creates visual effects for movies




Dupp Film is located in Karlsborg as the result of homesickness. The company founders have their roots here, and after one or two years at other companies, they moved back to Skaraborg to start their own business. That was around ten years ago, and the company has grown every year since.

Isidor Swande from Gotland has worked at DUPP for two years. Just like Lovisa, he had assumed that any jobs would be in bigger towns. Today, he and his girlfriend Hanna live in the neighboring municipality of Tibro. 

One day we might be working with an animated film about Bamse, and the next day an Italian horror movie.

- “I found my dream job right here. I develop concepts and concept sketches. It’s very creative work. The best thing is the great variety of assignments and never knowing what kind of job will come next. One day we might be working with 
an animated film about Bamse, and the next day an Italian horror movie,” Isidor tells us.

Dupp works with all kinds of movies. In recent years, they’ve created visual effects for such productions as Trolltider (the 2023 Christmas Calendar), The Sugar Experiment and The Bastard. But they also work with advertising and animated films. You’ve probably seen Dupp’s work without knowing it.

- “What we do varies a great deal! Sometimes we add the entire background to a scene, other times we might just remove a leaf that landed in an unfortunate place,” says Lovisa. 

About Dupp Film

Read more about Dupp and explore the various productions at their webpage.


Next door to Lake Vättern

Dupp’s office is located in a newly renovated, old building right next to the fortress, overlooking Lake Vättern. Lovisa and Isidor agree that nature and the closeness to everything are the best things about Karlsborg.

- “I like living in a small town. I live close to my friends, which makes it so easy to meet up to do something, like taking a picnic by the water after work,” says Lovisa.

Isidor also appreciates living close to Tiveden National Park and enjoys hiking on his days off.

- “And watching movies, of course,” laughs Isidor.

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