Sajkla in Tibro enables organizations to reuse furniture

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Don’t sling it, Sajkla it! Helping organizations save money and the environment without reducing quality is the business idea behind Sajkla in Tibro.

The regular changes made in major organizations often require new furniture, making the old furniture redundant. It’s here Sajkla comes into the picture. By using Sajkla’s platform, an organization can inventory its unused furniture, allowing others in the business to find it. And if any furniture needs reconditioning before being put to use again, the company can help here too.

- "Our goal is to make recycling as easy as buying new. There has been a romantic notion of recycling whereby people are expected to accept a certain flea market feel. We’ve been working to counter this for several years, to enable interior designers and architects to design new settings without being limited by the previous appearance of the furniture,” says Jenny Ekman, CEO of Sajkla.

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Sajkla does the major part of its business in Tibro in Skaraborg. And its collaborative partners, which handles all furniture reconditioning, is also located in the local area. And quality always comes first.

- “We’re located in Skaraborg and Tibro because of the skilled craftsmen here. We need skilled craftsmen with extensive experience who are able to decide which method to use to achieve the best results when furniture is refurbished,” says Jenny Ekman.

Big savings

Sajkla has calculated how big the savings from recycling can be. In all, the company estimates their customers have put 8,000 pieces of furniture to new use. Sajkla calculates that this has resulted in savings of around SEK 24 million compared to buying new, and a reduced environmental load of around 96,000 kg CO2.

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Find more ispiration and read more about Sajkla here:

In 2022, when Tibro Municipality renovated a school, they worked with Sajkla to take care of the furniture they could transfer to the new premises. Among other results, 420 desks became as new and were able to continue in use. This is just one of many successful projects.

Sajkla has been around since 2019 and is growing apace. Sajkla is now a member of ADDA, which means that all public organizations may use the company without making direct procurements. The goal is to get more organizations to begin reusing their furniture while also creating more work for the many skilled craftsmen available in Skaraborg.