Pernilla and Elisabet returned to Skaraborg

Pernilla Lundgren

People are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere as soon as they step into Sparbanken’s head office in Skara. The place is tastefully decorated, and the staff are ready to greet you.

Sparbanken Skaraborg is an independent bank owned by a foundation. The bank has four branches in Skaraborg and around 120 employees. It offers services for companies and individuals alike, and has virtually all of its services in-house, such as corporate and private advisors, lawyers, economists and a sustainability manager. Last year, it celebrated its 175th anniversary. 

Sparbanken Skaraborg 

Sparbanken Skaraborg has a long history. Last year we celebrated our 175th anniversary, and now we’re planning for the next 175 years. We’re located here, in the heart of Skaraborg and we have offices in Skara, Vara, Götene and Nossebro. Our decisions are all made locally; our head office is located in Skara and because we’re wholly owned by Sparbanksstiftelsen Skaraborg, we’re dedicated to the local community.

Ours is a full-range bank, and we’re committed to meeting our customers on a personal basis, both face-to-face and through digital channels. We’re proactive and accessible with 120 employees and specialists who possess an extensive range of skills and an understanding of what makes a difference.

Our promise is to constantly evolve, innovate and make sure employees and customers develop and grow.

Pernilla left Stockholm and returned to Skaraborg

We met up with Pernilla Lundgren, who’s the bank’s sustainability coordinator. Pernilla was born outside Skara, but after high school, she moved to Jönköping to study for a business degree. After graduating, she and her partner moved to Stockholm, where they lived for six years during which time two of their three children were born.

Pernilla tells us that two adults and two children in an inner-city apartment was not the perfect scenario, and it was there they made the decision to move back home to Skaraborg. Right about then, a position opened up at Sparbanken in Skara, and Pernilla applied for it. At the same time, they found a house in Lidköping that felt like the perfect home for them. Pernilla’s husband kept his job in Stockholm and commutes there on the days he can’t work from home.  

Applying for the position at Sparbanken was an easy choice as she’d worked there before, as well as Swedbank, so she understood the business and thought the bank seemed like a good employer where people have a chance to grow.

We have most everything here, and what we don’t have here, you can get to easily and fast. Skaraborg is ideally located and offers nature, cities that are close together and life at a perfect pace with Lakes Vänern and Vättern nearby.

Pernilla describes their life in Skaraborg as simple and free, and she’s very happy they moved. She says that in contrast to what many people think, there’s a lot happening in Skaraborg, both in terms of activities and business enterprise. She describes it as a region that’s “bubbling with life.” She emphasizes that her children have opportunities to take part in leisure activities in an entirely different way than if they had stayed in Stockholm.

When we ask her to explain in one sentence why people should move to Skaraborg, she says:
“We have most everything here, and what we don’t have here, you can get to easily and fast. Skaraborg is ideally located and offers nature, cities that are close together and life at a perfect pace with Lakes Vänern and Vättern nearby.” 

More about Sparbanken Skaraborg

Sparbanken Skaraborg offers a wide range of professional roles and we have everything right here in Skaraborg. This includes advisory roles in the corporate and private sectors, customer service agents, credit administrators, economists, IT specialists, HR, legal, compliance and security. Employees who stay with us have the opportunity to develop within their roles or try different professional roles.

Sparbanken Skaraborg will always need employees who enjoy helping our customers with their personal and business finances through their professionalism, drive and personal commitment. Digital advances continue apace and it’s important that our organization and employees stay abreast of developments. Our administrative support functions are important resources for our advisors and our business, and there are opportunities to grow with us in this area, too.

There’s a wide range of leisure pastimes, club activities and local events on offer, and the city pulse is always within easy reach. Skaraborg is a great place for young and old alike!


Elisabet Elfström grew up in Skaraborg but after graduation she left to see the world. After a number of years in other Swedish cities and abroad, she’s been living in Skaraborg since her return 20 years ago. Career opportunities and the appeal of life in Skaraborg were the reasons for her decision to return home.

The decision to return to Skaraborg was partly due to her getting a job she really wanted, and partly because her family and friends still lived in the area. Elisabet also highlights how the closeness to water provides a great boost to well-being, as do the many beautiful natural areas.

“There’s a lot of things to do in your spare time here and there’s a great club activities scene. Skaraborg is a great place for our children to grow up in, and there are many opportunities for us adults, both private and professional.”