Interior designer Kristofer created his dream job at Sibab in Hjo

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Kristofer Jonsson


Interior designer who found his dream job at Sibab


Blikstorp, Hjo municipality

Is it possible to work as an interior designer in Skaraborg? You bet. Gothenburger Kristofer Jonsson has found his home in Hjo and his dream job at Sibab Interior. Close to work, close to people and close to everything Skaraborg has to offer. 

After 17 years at a major architectural firm in Gothenburg, Kristofer Jonsson started his own company with a focus on sustainable interiors. But he pretty soon realized he missed having colleagues to share everyday life with. So when the chairman of a cabinet maker in Blikstorp outside Hjo contacted him and asked if he wanted a seat on the board, he immediately accepted. Not least because he spent his childhood summers with his cousins on a farm in the neighboring village of Fridene.

After three years on the board of Sibab Interior, he had an idea for a showroom in Blikstorp. A place where the company could experiment with new materials and solutions, and where they could inspire other entrepreneurs to make more sustainable choices. Kristofer began designing the framework for the project.

“As soon as I’d completed the job description for the person who was going to manage the project, I realized I’d created my own dream job.” 

Kristofer and his wife Marika sold their townhouse in Alingsås and moved to Skaraborg. After a few months in Skövde, their moving truck pulled up outside a single-family home in the Knäpplan area in Hjo.

“I turn 50 in September, but it feels like I’m 22 years old and have just moved away from home – everything feels new and exciting.” 

I turn 50 in September, but it feels like I’m 22 years old and have just moved away from home – everything feels new and exciting

Long jogging runs and beautiful Lake Vättern

Everyday life in Skaraborg and Hjo is simple. Never far to go, always a lot to do. Kristofer and Marika love to cycle down to the lakeside for a swim, with a picnic basket or a lunchtime salad in the bike’s front basket.

“The lake has an incredibly good influence on our lives here every day.”
The homes on Slåttervägen are newly built and the doors are unlocked to let neighbors pop in at any time.

“There’s a great atmosphere among the people in Hjo. Wherever you go and wherever you are, you’re greeted with a smile and openness.”

As a devoted jogging fan, Kristofer wondered where he could do his long runs. Now he’s found a number of different routes. One favorite is south along the lakeside promenade and then along Vättern on the gravel roads toward Almnäs. 

The lake has an incredibly good influence on our lives here every day.

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Sibabs 360 Showroom

And the dream job?

And what about your dream job? “Oh boy! As an architect, having my office next door to the carpentry shop where the products are made is a godsend,” says Kristofer.

“Previously, my involvement in projects often ended once the interior design documentation had been sent for procurements from suppliers and woodwork shops. Not being able to follow up a project all the way was often frustrating, and in some cases I even had to see how an interior was replaced by something of lesser quality than the customer actually ordered. Now I’m able to take responsibility all the way.”

And having an in-house architect creates opportunities for Sibab to help customers choose better materials in terms of the environment, sustainability and economy right from the concept stage.

“As a private individual, I might buy six chairs for my kitchen, but as an interior designer I can influence the production of 2500 chairs. My ideas have a big impact on our climate – so I need to know what I’m doing if I want to sleep well at night.”