Finding an apartment for rent in Skaraborg

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Sometimes a move is planned for years – other times it comes like a bolt from the blue. Maybe you’ve said yes to your dream job, and all you need now is a rental apartment in your new hometown. But how can you find one without time to collect points in the waiting list? We’ve put together some tips and advice for people looking for a rental apartment.

So glad you’re on your way to Skaraborg! While we naturally hope you won’t encounter any problems in your search for a dream apartment, we also know it can sometimes get a little bumpy on the way. Below are our top tips for finding a rental apartment here in Skaraborg.

1. Look in several municipalities

Skaraborg consists of 15 municipalities, all with many close links to each other. Living in one municipality and working in another is very common, and commuting between neighboring municipalities is usually easy. So it’s a good idea to look for an apartment in more than one municipality: If your new job is in Lidköping, you can easily live in Götene, Skara, Vara or Grästorp. The frequent connections between Skaraborg’s towns mean you can even commute comfortably across municipal boundaries.
A wide search also increases your chances of getting an apartment at short notice. In general, the municipal housing companies in the larger towns have longer waiting lists, while things move quicker in the smaller towns. 

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2. Get on the list for public housing…

Public housing – municipal housing companies – have waiting lists where people who’ve been on the list longest are offered apartments first. The waiting list system is extremely important as it helps bring fairness to the way apartments are allocated to tenants. So get on the list as soon as you can; every day counts!

Remember that there is a great variation in the average length of time on the apartment waiting list in different towns. It even happens that there are apartments that no one on the list has accepted.

3. …and search for private landlords

When you need an apartment quickly, the public housing waiting system is sometimes an obstacle as it takes time to accumulate the points necessary to be offered an apartment. So check who the private landlords are in the areas you’re looking in.
Search online for landlords and call them to see if they have anything available, or leave your contact details in case something comes up. Private landlords may have different systems for allocating apartments, and not all of them have waiting lists that prioritize people who’ve waited longest; call them to ask what applies!

4. Prioritize what’s right for you

Although you cannot be too picky if you need an apartment quickly, you should naturally look for a place that suits your needs and wishes. Consider what is important for you and investigate how the housing market looks in the areas you’re apartment hunting in. Some towns have more small apartments, and you may have to wait a long while for a large one (3+ bedrooms) to become available. In other places, it’s mostly smaller apartments that are popular, so you won’t have to wait as long for a large one. There’s often good information about the housing market on housing company websites; check to get a picture of where to look to find your future home.

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5. Get help from our relocation guides

Our relocation guides are experts on Skaraborg and are keen to help you settle here. If you’re wondering if the distance between two locations is commutable, or who the landlords are in a certain area, our relocation guides will be happy to help! Use our contact form to send us your questions and get personalized answers to make your move easier.

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