Emma left the big city for Skaraborg


We meet Emma Matson one sunny day in April and enjoy a coffee together. Originally, Emma is from Gothenburg, but she ended up in Skövde here in Skaraborg. She was trained as a graphic artist and currently works as a freelancer in her company Nattland Interactive.

Her journey to Skaraborg began when she graduated from Uppsala University, where the courses take place on the campus in Visby. She ended up in Skaraborg because of work. She’s been involved in a number of graphic content projects for different types of games, e.g. together with companies like Zcooly here in Skövde that develop educational children’s games. 


The best thing about living in Skaraborg is the countryside and the people; everyone is so kind and helpful,” she says, when we ask her what she likes most about living here.

Emma’s partner is from Skaraborg which, together with the job opportunities, led her to stay in Skövde. She also mentions that the pace of life is utterly different here, compared to Gothenburg where she grew up. There’s a sense of peace and quiet here, but naturally there’s a lot happening on the days you want a little more action. A trip out to her partner’s parents in the countryside is one of her favorite ways to relax, she tells us. 

She also likes how everything is small scale and that you bump into people you know far more often here. When she lived in Gothenburg, she was on the other side of town from her school and hardly ever ran into any acquaintances. She says that here in Skaraborg you run into your friends in the city a lot.
Apart from game development, one of Emma’s great interests is art. She mentions the ‘Konstrundan’ art exhibitions and that there’s a lot of art to appreciate around Skaraborg for anyone interested. You can find more information about this on our Leisure webpage or at the West Sweden website.

Emma is very happy in Skövde and says that in the future she would love to live in a house somewhere in the countryside here in Skaraborg.