Alice’s app gamifies good habits for gamers

Alice App.

One day when Alice Anglesjö was studying web development at the University of Skövde, she began to think about developing her own app. Following a couple of rejected ideas, the first version of the Flick app will be launched in the spring of 2024.

“The app will help gamers create healthy habits. It’s not about a person’s playing less but about developing smart habits in conjunction with their gaming. App users are awarded points for such things as sleep and exercise. The app’s name – Flick – is a play on words, a flick being a rapid movement of a computer mouse,” Alice tells us.

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Alice moved to Skövde from Norrköping when she began her university studies and soon felt at home there. Alice gives student life and Skövde – a city with many links to computer game development – very high grades. After her studies, Alice got a job in her old neck of the woods and moved back to her roots. But only for a little while.

My partner and I both felt we weren’t quite done with Skövde

“My partner and I both felt we weren’t quite done with Skövde. A lot of our friends were still here, and when we were apartment hunting, we checked Skövde as well. We ended up buying this one. At first, we both worked remotely, and that turned out just fine!” says Alice. 

The app encourages sustainable gaming

The app will be aimed primarily at people aged 13-25 years. When creating the app, Alice talked a lot to gamers as well as people who do not play, such as parents of young people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

“I got the idea for the app when Covid came along. I was studying at the University of Skövde and one day all of the teaching was digital. Because gaming is my big interest, I suddenly found myself constantly in front of a computer. I developed back problems and a headache and soon realized there must be many people who also feel this way. Because developing good habits is not easy, I felt someone should create an app to make it easier,” says Alice.

So why shouldn’t this ‘someone’ be Alice herself? Alice had previously been in contact with Science Park Skövde, from which she received start-up aid. Her goal is to launch the app in the spring.

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The app will allow users to earn points by making healthy choices. Accumulated points can be exchanged for e.g. discounts with various companies with gaming connections.

It’s important for Alice to highlight the benefits of gaming.

“Gaming fosters so many abilities, often without your noticing that you’re training. Things that are often in demand by employers, such as the ability to work in teams, being good at problem solving and language skills – you get it all with gaming. I hope more people get to make gaming something that only has upsides for the player, by using the app to make smart, healthy choices,” says Alice.

About the app

Flick is an app that aims to make health and well-being fun for gamers by mixing gamification with proven concepts on how to build good habits. Flick offers a sustainable way for companies in the gaming industry to promote their offerings while helping to improve the health of their players.

Flick - step up your game